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Camping at Khwai, Botswana

The  Khwai region of Botswana is found on the far western border of the Moremi Game Reserve . Typically one enters the  Moremi Game Reserve via South Gate and then one can either drive up north through the eastern side of the Moremi Game Reserve up along the Okavango flood plains until reaching the top of the derivable northern section of the  Moremi Reserve and then turning west to Third Bridge, from Third Bridge one can then drive back down south along the west side of the reserve until reaching Khwai Gate and the associated Campsite. There are in fact two campsites at Khwai, there is the main campsite (North Gate, Khwai) right at the Moremi / Khwai Gate and then there is also the Khwai Community Managed Campsite that is found on the opposite side of  Khwai river. However, if you have traveled any of the above-mentioned routes the first campsite that you will reach would be the main campsite (North Gate Khwai) found at the Khwai /Moremi Gate this campsite is managed by the