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Khwai Community Concession Xwabaxwa Camp

Khwai Community Concession Xwabaxwa Campsite Khwai is divided into two areas, the Moremi Game Reserve side and the Community Concession side and its this Community side that we will focus on here. Unlike the Moremi side you don't have to pay any Park fees to Explore this side of Khwai, However you will need to find a Campsite of which there are a few options.  My go to Camp is a very Affordable Campsite Named Xwabaxwa. situated next to the river under large leadwood trees these campsites are large and very private, being well spaced from each other hidden in the riverine forests, here Elephants, Buffalo and Hippo quietly move through the camps and at night the frogs sing in the reedy lagoons only silenced by the roar of the ever roaming lions of Khwai. The Ablutions are Rustic but clean with flush loos and fire heated hot water showers.  I absolutely love this camp and would highly recommend so here is the link to their website and disclaimer I am not affiliated or paid to write