Okavango Gin

Okavango Gin

No Botswana adventure is complete without an iced G&T at sunset. It’s one of my favourite parts of a safari, it combines the social aspect with the beauty of the wild surroundings. 

Since it’s creation, we have been proud advocates of Okavango Gin. Made exclusively in Botswana, a mix of classic juniper berries and the secret ingredient, seeds of Mopane tree, along with crystal filtered Okavango water. Apparently the elephants are not the only Mopane lovers around here!

Okavango Gin&Tonic with wild sage

The distillery is off the grid, hidden somewhere in the depths of the Okavango, traditionally made with local hands. Established in 2018 it endured Covid, alcohol bans, more covid and more alcohol bans, yet, it is finally available in Maun to buy. 

Okavango Gin has won multiple awards including a double gold medal award in the San Francisco world spirits competition. It really shows the high quality of flavour that this small off grid distillery has to offer.  

Sundowners are no longer complete without Okavango Gin, a homemade Botswana creation. We like to add a sprig of wild sage to really enhance the flavours of the wild to ours. No other Gin can make you feel more connected to Botswana, simply for the fact, no other Gin is made exclusively in Botswana! 100% recommend, a perfect use of nature to make something truly special. 

You can find out more and how to get your paws on a bottle on their website HERE

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