A Chobe River Boat Cruise

  A Chobe Boat Cruise 

There are but a few places in Africa, that feel more like Africa, then the Chobe where hundreds of elephants’ are silhouetted by the orange orb of the sinking sun almost every single day of the year.

Sitting in a small boat  on the Chobe one can’t help but feel as if one is afloat in a sea of liquid gold as the setting sun paints a reflection of itself across the water, large hippos wallow about like prehistoric sea monsters and then, all of a sudden the whole world seems to hold its breath, and then the sun is gone and so is another day on the Chobe

It is believed that the Chobe is home to over 50,000 elephants making it the largest concentration of elephants any where in the world and hence you cannot fail to see elephants in Chobe and if your guide dose fail find you elephants give him a tip! Because he has done the impossible! The stream of wild animals that flock down to the banks of the Chobe every day can’t really be described in print, there seems to be a never ending supply of wild life of all shapes and sizes wondering out of the tree line down to the banks of the Chobe.

And well most things in life age and disintegrate into a faded memory, very few things ever stay the same and yet, happily the Chobe seems to be one of the latter a timeless flow of the very best of Africa.

Chobe Boat Cruises

A Chobe Sunset


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