The town where elephant's roam free, Kasane Botswana

The town where elephant's roam free, kasane Botswana

In the far north west corner of Botswana you will find the small town of Kasane, the town of Kasane is basically Botswana's flagship tourist town, surrounded by the mighty Chobe River, the Chobe national park, and the forestry reserves the traveler does not have to travel far in order to find wildlife, in fact its not uncommon to find elephant's walking in and around the town.
An old elephant bull ambles thorough the Chobe forestry reserve

Although a very small town, accommodation is plentiful, from backpackers to five star lodges, how ever in peak season it can sometimes become a little difficult to find accommodation in some of the budget groups, hence it always pays of to book accommodation well in advance if one is able to do so.

There are basically three different ways or option's to explore the Chobe national park, one can either self drive or if you don't have a four wheel drive vehicle, then one can simply take a game drive with one of the many safari company's located in Kasane. The third way for traveler's to kasane to explore the Chobe, is to take a boat cruise  into the Chobe national park, in fact this should be your number one activity on your Chobe "to do list" there is something very magical about sitting on a small boat watching elephant's play on the shore as the sinking sun slowly turns everything into black silhouette's

Although the world famous Victoria falls is not located in kasane, it is only 80 kilometers down the road, and again there are many safari company's that offer either day trips to see the falls or one way transfers . Just remember that when visiting the Victoria falls from botswana you will have to cross either the Zimbabwe border or the Zambia border, so check before hand if you will need any visas and what if any fees, you will need to pay, also there is an entrance fee, to enter the Victoria falls national park.

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