Chobe Elephant Camp Botswana

Chobe Elephant Camp Botswana

Chobe Elephant Camp is a small camp situated just outside the chobe park with clear view's overlooking the Chobe flood plains, even from the rooms one is able to spot much wildlife, in fact during my stay i was able to spot Zebra, Elephants, Giraffe's Waterbuck and even possibly some Buffalo, all from the comfort of my room.
"A breakfast with a view"

Unlike many of the camps found in Botswana Chobe Elephant Camp is not a tented camp, but rather it is constructed in a rather unique and eco friendly manner by using sandbags instead of regular brick and mortar in its construction. This unique method of construction along with the room's large windows and overhead fans makes the room's extremely cool and pleasant.
"Every evening the mosquito nets where stretched out over the beds that can either be made up as singles or as a double" 

The staff where also extremely friendly and helpful with our safari guide (Mike) working tirelessly to help us find both lions and a leopard during our brief three night stay.
"Many different birds can be spotted right from ones room with a cup of coffee"

Probably one of my favorite features of Chobe Elephant Camp was the outdoor showers, there is something rather special about having a shower and spoting Giraffe browsing on the tree's in the plains below,

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